“Things Sexy Naturalistas Do to Get in Shape
and Stay in Shape During the 'Fat Season'”



This TeleSeminar Aired Tuesday, October 20th Listen to full TeleSeminar below

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  • How to take the "naughty" foods you love and revamp them into the "good" foods you can't believe you lived without
  • Revamp your fitness routine and make it fun so it never feels like you're working out but the results will show you otherwise
  • Learn about the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your energy up and your skin, hair and body looking wonderful

Coach Nyla Al-Mujaahid

Author of The Naturalista's Do It Yourself (DIY) Recipe Book

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Links to resources discussed on the call are below:

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  • NaturaLife 101 TeleSeminar-Fit and Fab
    NaturaLife 101 TeleSeminar-Fit and Fab

    This TeleSeminar recording discusses how you can be fit and fabulous. You can have the beauty you've always desired but first it requires having the proper mindset as well as knowing where to get and how to apply the information. Let's get it!

WARNING:  We know from experience that information not put to use will not help you. If possible, take notes and implement what you learn if you want to see positive progress. Take Action!