Self-Confidence & The Napptural Beauty

So you want healthy, beautiful natural hair? It starts with confidence. Think about it, even though natural hair is claiming its spotlight, it’s still something looked at as ‘rebel’ or ‘different’. We know that ‘different’ is not a bad thing and there are ‘rebels’ who are only called that because they went against the status quo.

So, can you take the questions, stereotypes, myths that go along with being natural? Sure you can. Even if you are considered an introvert, one who avoids confrontation, you can still have the confidence to ‘rock your natural beauty’! Say it loud! I’m Fierce and I’m Proud!

I say this with ease now because I’ve gotten over the ‘trying to please everyone’ or ‘ trying to fit in’ phase of my life. We have to be happy within ourselves. We have to realize that we know what we like and what we enjoy. We also must understand that we live our own lives and there is no human being that can change that. So, with that being said let’s work on the first part of growing healthy natural hair – self confidence. I believe this sets the stage because if it’s not in place, then the myths and negative stereotypes will get to you and may turn you away from your journey.

Here are a few tips to build that ‘diva’s confidence’ and pride when it comes to rocking your natural tresses:

– Decide why you want to go natural. When you have a surefire reason, nothing else can really stand in your way.

– Join groups and forums with other natural beauties. Their tips and stories are great anecdotes for times when you are ‘just not feeling’ your natural best.

– Read up on the best ways to take care of your hair. Always use good practice when taking care of your natural hair.

– Play up your natural hair with accessories, makeup and the like. Enjoy your freedom baby! Do what makes you feel good!

– Most of all, Love You! That person looking back at you in the mirror is a wonderful natural beauty. One who cares about treating herself well and is embarking on a journey of strength and freedom. The natural hair journey is an adventure and a learning experience. Some may not think of it as a big deal, however women of color know better.

I hope this helps. Don’t forget to comment below. I enjoy the feedback and interacting with my fellow natural beauties.

Embrace your beauty. Be Grateful 2 B Natural!

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xoxo Ameera