Review- Jergen’s Overnight Repair Lotion

Hey all!

I am in love with this product! I decided to buy it on a whim. I needed some new lotion and my skin tends to get very dry but it’s very sensitive as well, however I didn’t expect this lotion to perform as well as it does. I’ve used many types of lotion, especially those that claim to be for ‘dry skin’, only to be disappointed. This brand, Jergen’s Overnight Repair, is amazing! I can put this on after a shower and not have to reapply all day! All Day! It doesn’t leave a ‘greasy’ feel and it smells ok. It doesn’t stink, nor does it have a strong fragrance to it.

I have a skin care regimen that consists of keeping skin soft and supple as well as minimizing stretch marks. I have a scar that I had for over a decade and with this regimen, I was able to fade the scar and with continued application, I believe it will be completely gone! I was not actively trying to deminish this scar but this was the proof that showed me that my ‘soft, supple skin’ regimen not only kept my skin soft and supple, it deminished scars and stretch marks! Go figure!

Anyway, I incorporated Jergen’s overnight repair lotion into the regimen and it works wonders. Try it for yourself and leave a comment below on how it works for you.

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XOXO Ameera