New Transition & Loving It!

Hey naturals, transitioners, supporters and everyone in between!

I made another transition in my life and the journey is very rewarding! This journey started as a 30-day challenge but transpired into a lifestyle change not only for myself, but also for my family. Ok, Nyla! So what is the change? What is the new transition in your life?

I am now vegan! Yes, indeed. Ok, I know that there are people out there that automatically assume that naturals go on this ‘tree-hugging’, ultra spiritual kick, but it’s more about taking better care of ourselves. I know many naturals who now read labels more and are looking into growing their own vegetables. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of the only body you have. A lot of us were not taught how to take care of our health. Even though many of us came from an ancestry that lived off of unprocessed foods. However, with the growth of needed convenience due to stressful jobs and trying to make a living by staying ahead of rising prices, our time has slipped away from us…our health has as well causing us to be fat, tired and very unhealthy. I have noticed a difference in many who embrace the natural hair journey… they embrace more than just natural hair. They embrace a healthier life.

It has happened to me. I felt that I was doing pretty well when it came to my lifestyle. I didn’t eat red meat or pork and I was moderately active during my natural hair journey. I did not go from relaxed to natural thinking that it it would change my total life. I just wanted to get away from chemically treating my hair. However as time went on I noticed that a healthier lifestyle pulled me. I gave myself 30-day challenges. I went vegetarian for 30-days, I worked out heavy with Insanity for 30 days, etc. However, over a month ago I did a challenge that changed my life, and now it’s a part of my life.

I was suffering from migraine headaches on an average of 3 times per week and I was diagnosed with vertigo (dizziness) that had me going to vestibular rehab on a weekly basis. As healthy as I thought I was, I still had health issues that I just chalked up as being part of my life. Well, after a few weeks of going strictly vegan, my headaches disappeared and my therapist told me that my balance was near normal and I had an extreme decrease in dizziness. Not to mention I dropped 2 inches in my waist without exercise. I was so excited about the challenge and was strongly considering keeping this lifestyle. It wasn’t until after watching a documentary called Forks over Knives with my husband that we both decided that vegan was the way to go. Everyone, including the children enjoy the food prepared, the family is healthier, I’m learning more about different dishes and substitutions and we are not missing our sweets as we have found ways to enjoy them without the sluggish feeling or the sugar rush that causes you to crash afterwards. I’m still new to the vegan lifestyle but I’m loving the journey. The health benefits are beyond wonderful. Experimenting with new dishes keep me motivated and interested. The delicious meals keep the family happy. It’s a recipe for success.  Team Vegan all the way!