New Hair Color

Hey natural beauties!

Yesterday I decided that I would finally put some color in my hair. I had dark brown hair with a light brown mix due to past coloring. Anywhoo, I wanted a red color. Now I have been wanting a funky red color since Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope Album. Her hair was so fierce! The problem was that it has been so hard for me to get bold colors to show up on my hair. I do my own coloring because if I mess up, I can blame it on myself. I’ve seen professional coloring go completely wrong too many times to have someone else mess my hair up.

Well, yesterday I decided to head to Wal-Mart to buy something called Fat Foam. I saw reviews on it and it looked like a great product to try out. There was one problem though. They did not have a bold red color. Aaaaargh! Well, I looked around and saw something from L’oreal called Colour Rays. I am going to do a product review on it in another post, however needless to say, I love it! A color that I’ve been trying to achieve on and off for over 10 years- I finally got it! Yeah me!

I am loving the new color and rocking it! Well, inside the house and around my family 🙂 Which is cool because I did it for me. When you do something, make sure it is something you like and it is for you. There will be people out there that may encourage you and there may be those that want to discourage you and tear down the buildings you build. Remember that self-esteem is esteem of yourself and only you can let others influence you. You have the choice and you have the power! Also don’t give up on things you want to accomplish in life. You can do it when you put your mind to it and take action on it. (Just like I did with my hair color :-))

Ok, not exactly but you like how I threw that in there?

Embrace your beauty. Be Grateful 2 B Natural!

xoxo Ameera