Joy Gilmore

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Hey! I’m Joy 😉 I am 14 years old…just because everybody is gonna be curious, my race: some would say I am mixed race, some wouldn’t. Jury is out on that one, but hey! I believe what my Grandma told me about my ancestors! Lol! And because of my hair texture, I definitely consider myself mixed race, so I am German, Scottish, Cherokee, Apache, Irish ,Black…I am repping for the chocolate, vanilla, and everything in between! I LOVE hair, I do my own as well as some African clients I have. I also love drawing, painting, singing, knitting, crocheting, and dancing!

I have always been natural, but it has been very hard at times to be natural. I am the only person in my family with dry, thick, hard-to-manage hair, so early on I didn’t handle that too well. My hair and I been through a lot together! Lol! A few years back I wanted my hair to be straight and shiny, so I SLATHERED on Coconut Oil, then pressed it, and pressed it with a HOT tool! CurlyNikki and YouTube helped me see the beauty of thick and/or wavy/curly hair =)

I have a YouTube channel where I regularly make tutorials, doing my hair and occasionally post vids of me styling my client’s hair… SUBSCRIBE!!

I also have a website that has some inspirational photos, uplifting writing, etc…

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