New Book Reveals: Recipes for the 3 important areas essential to keeping ourselves naturally beautiful and healthy!

This simple and easy-to-follow guide will show to easily make your own healthy skin and hair care products from ingredients you may already have in your kitchen! No more hard to pronounce ingredients and harmful preservatives that can wreak havoc on your health. Also included in the book are delicious meal time recipes that seem to good to be good for you! Who says healthy can't be yummy?

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In this Unique Recipe Book You Will Discover...

  • How to Create Your Own Healthy Products

    Know what you are putting on your skin and in your hair by creating easy and healthy products using ingredients you already have in your kitchen or pantry!

  • Saving Money on Costly Products

    Don’t worry about wasting money on costly products that claim to give the results you are looking for. You can try different, easy homemade products without breaking the bank.

  • Healthy and Delicious Meal Time Recipes

    Increase your healthy and beauty with a section of yummy meals as well as a section filled with valuable information on the vitamins and minerals we need to stay naturally beautiful and the foods we can find them in.

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There are many recipe books out there. This one is unique as it caters to the DIYer, the naturalista and many others who are looking to be healthy and beautiful while fulfilling their creative need. GLORAAAAAAAY!
Calvis 'The Criscokid' Williamson
Calvis 'The Criscokid' Williamson The Coiffed Cafe
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