Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Transition Queen

Hey naturals. transitioners, supporters and everyone in between!

Have you ever done something you’ve regret or realize you take care of others or other things before you take care of yourself? Ok, I have something to confess. I am guilty of this very thing. I teach others to take care of and love their natural hair, I take very good hair of my daughter’s hair as well as my clients’ hair, helping them grow and retain healthy natural hair. So, when it comes to my hair care what do I do? I can tell you this, I don’t take as great of care of my tresses as I do those that belong to everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I wash, moisturize and de-tangle my hair as I teach or as I do others’, It’s just when it comes to styling and protecting…I need to be popped upside my head. No excuses, however, as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, it’s a wonder that I am able to style it at all. If it wasn’t for me not wanting to look at the same old style over and over or boring my husband with my ‘librarian bun’, (no offense to the librarians out there) I would wash, condition and ponytail it up. Quick, simple and effortless.

Hair is a passion of mine…wait, natural hair is a passion of mine. I’ve been an advocate since my first transition from relaxer to natural. Yes, my first transition. The second was from ‘free-flowing natural’ to ‘loc’ed natural’. Making another transition after combing out my locs and writing about the journey I decided to teach on transitioning and how to take care of natural hair before, during and after the transition. See why I proclaim to be a transition queen?:-)

I guess I can confess about my desire for new. I’m pretty sure that fuels my transitions. Wanting new healthier hair was one of my reasons for transitioning from relaxed to natural. (That and being burned by a kiddie perm.) Wanting a new look brought me to loc’ing my hair. Wanting to create many new styles brought on my transition back to ‘free-flowing natural’ and wanting a new healthier lifestyle brought on my transition to going vegan. I talk more about my vegan journey in an upcoming post. What can I say, I desire new…and healthy 🙂

One more confession, I have a new e-book that I will launch September 1, 2012. It’s called Grateful 2 B Natural- Transitioning to a Natural You. It’s a guide to help those who are looking to go natural sort through all of the mind-boggling information and use what works for them. I comes with style tips, transitioning methods, ways to know and care for your hair before, during and after the transition and more. I am discounting the price for those who lock in their order before Midnight September 1, 2012. Click HERE to pre-order and lock in your discount.

I enjoy helping girls and women embrace their natural beauty. I hope that I can assist you in your journey, no matter where you are in it. Even if it’s sharing my ups, downs and everything in between.

Embrace your beauty. Be Grateful 2 B Natural!