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Natural_Beauty_Academy_Welcome_Video_First_FrameGrateful 2 B Natural (G2BN) was founded by Nyla Al-Mujaahid as a resource for girls and women to embrace their natural beauty. It started as a natural haircare site but evolved into much more. There is more to embracing our natural beauty than having healthy, beautiful natural hair. It has also been found that many who have chosen to go on a natural hair journey have expanded their natural embrace into other areas of their lives as well. Grateful 2 B Natural provides videos, programs, trainings and other tools on healthy skin & hair as well as health & wellness.

Nyla Al-Mujaahid is a devoted wife, mother of three, natural beauty coach & author. Her advocacy for natural beauty and healthy living has inspired her to teach girls & women around the world on loving and taking care of themselves through mind, body and spirit. Nyla has taken the lessons she has learned from her mentors on self-improvement and incorporates her life lessons in trainings for her ‘natural beauties’ around the globe.

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