Why I’m Grateful 2 B Natural

What can I say? I love natural beauty. Little to no makeup & chemical free hair. My natural journey started after a received the unwanted gift of a burn from a kiddie perm in about 2003. Most adult perms were too harsh for my hair, so I thought I would try my luck with a kiddie perm. As I applied the relaxer to my hair, little did I know that a little dropped on my arm. When I noticed the cream sitting there, I decided to wipe it of with a towel. Not only did I remove the relaxer, but some of my skin as well! I still have the scar today. I said, “That’s it!” That was the last time I put the “creamy crack” onto my hair.

I got what would be considered a “big chop” in about 2003 and decided to loc my hair a several months later. After about 6 years I figured that it was time for a change and with new information, started to ‘take down” my locs. I thought, “6 years of growth is not going down the drain.” I am so loving my natural hair and I am teaching my daughter to love hers. I want to provide a place where natural beauty can be embraced, celebrated and revered. That is the inspiration behind Grateful2BNatural.com. I read somewhere that the reason why the natural fades into the background is because we are not loud enough. It’s time to get LOUD! Grateful2BNatural.com is designed to bring the bass with tips, programs, stories and products to help new naturals, those looking to go natural, as well as the seasoned naturals looking for more.

Embrace your beauty. Be Grateful 2 B Natural!